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Technical Information:

Wooden windows with aluminium cladding bring together the best properties of various materials:

Wood is a recognized, environmentally friendly building material; it is not only robust and able to withstand strain, but also gives a cosy and friendly feel to the home. Aluminium is a contemporary high-tech material, represented in its adaptability, durability and low weight. It is also a perfect external protector of wood, due to it being weatherproof. The frames and sashes of Woody Man aluminium clad wood windows are coated with preassembled sections of aluminium that are held clear of the timber surfaces to allow for drainage and ventilation.

The advantages of aluminium clad wood products:

The aluminium cladding protects the outer surfaces of the wood from any damaging environmental influences like rain, snow and sunlight, so your windows will last you a lifetime.

If you have a project that needs unusually large windows, or units with non-standard dimensions, we can provide for these demands. Operable sashes can be double or triple-glazed.

WOODY MAN windows aluminium profile systems deliver optimal ventilation to make sure no humidity will accumulate between the aluminium profile and the wood, thus preventing mould. Aluminium comes in an almost endless number of different colours and textures for the exterior, including RAL and anodized colours. It is a low maintenance, colour-stable and easy-to-clean material. There are wood-aluminium solutions (options) for almost all window types, varying from single-side hung windows to tilt and turn windows for your tailored facade design.


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