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Sash Wooden Window London

Technical Information:

WOODY MAN wooden sash windows and doors are produced with only the highest quality, knot-free timber, and we use laminated triple layer wood. The three layers stop the window-frame from warping, which therefore extends the window’s lifetime. The exterior window layers are radial or half-radial cut, which prevents the surfaces of the wood from splitting.

Why Woody Man wooden windows? The outdated view of wooden windows having a “short-life” and being “high maintenance” has been eliminated as timber has proven to be the choice that can outlive all others. The timber used to produce our goods is carefully chosen and treated. With proper installation and maintenance, Woody Man windows and doors will last and provide you with happiness for many years to come. All Woody Man windows and doors are made-to-measure and can be installed with a full range of opening and closing solutions.

Our professionally designed and produced windows are delivered fully finished and glazed before careful installation, providing our clients with a high-quality product that will increase their home’s value for years.


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